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 on your local box and all boxes containing workers (do so with your cssh terminal). ​ on your local box and all boxes containing workers (do so with your cssh terminal). ​
 +=== Use Screens! ===
 +A word of warning: using this method it's very easy to, well, loose your processes in the endless depths of the network. It is therefore recommendable to open a [[http://​news.softpedia.com/​news/​GNU-Screen-Tutorial-44274.shtml|screen]] on your host machine (eg. quickie) before you start working. Simple tutorial:
 +  screen
 +  ​
 +Opens a screen. You may now create new virtual terminals with <CTRL + a><​c>​ , switch between them with <CTRL + a><​[0-9]>​. To leave your screen _without terminating it_, type <CTRL + a><​d>​ You are back on your terminal now. You may log out from this machine, go home, log in again. The screen will still be there, waiting for you. List available screens with
 +  $ screen -ls
 +  There is a screen on:
 +      15500.ttys001.beta (Detached)
 +  1 Socket in /​var/​folders/​zz/​zzzivhrRnAmviuee++0-sU++US6/​-Tmp-/​.screen.
 +Get back to your screen with
 +  screen -r 15500
 +So, if you're connection is lost, if you want to continue working from somewhere else, or if somebody shuts down your computer while you are at the coffee break, the connections to your enslaved army of workers will still be there.