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-====== ​How to register and subscribe ​======+====== ​Wordspace Wiki Information ​======
 +===== How to register and subscribe =====
-If you want to participate in the activities leading to the ESSLLI 2008 Distributional Lexical Semantics workshop, or at least be updated ​on what's going on, please follow ​these steps+If you want to participate in our research on **word space** models and **distributional lexical semantics**, or at least stay up to date on what's going on, please follow ​the steps below. Participants of our //Workshops and Tutorials on Distributional Lexical Semantics// are particularly encouraged to join the wiki.
-  - Register a new account at [[http://​wordspace.collocations.de/​doku.php/​start?​do=register|http://​wordspace.collocations.de/​doku.php/​start?​do=register]]. A password will be sent by e-mail (typically within minutes, and don't forget to check your spam folder!). ​ It is recommended that you log in and change the password ​to something you can remember more easily. ​ You should now be able to edit all //​discussion//​ pages on the wiki+If you want to **contribute** ​to the wiki content:
-  - If you intend to edit all pages in the wiki, send Stefan Evert (name dot lastname at uos dot det) an e-mail with your account name, so he can upgrade you to "​author"​. ​ Stefan will confirm the upgrade by e-mail. +
-  - Subscribe to the RSS feed at [[http://​wordspace.collocations.de/​feed.php|http://​wordspace.collocations.de/​feed.php]] to keep an eye on page changes (especially ongoing discussions on the wiki).+
 +  - Send [[http://​www.stefan-evert.de/​|Stefan Evert]] (name ''​dot''​ lastname ''​at''​ collocations ''​dot''​ de) an e-mail with (i) your desired account name, (ii) your real name and affiliation,​ and (iii) a valid e-mail address
 +  - Please include a short summary of your interest in distributional semantics and what you intend to contribute to the wiki (just to weed out human bots)
 +  - When your account has been set up, a randomly generated password will be sent by e-mail. ​ It is recommended that you log in and change the password to something you can remember more easily. ​ You should now be able to edit public pages on the wiki.
 +  - Read up on [[:​wiki:​syntax|formatting syntax]] and other [[:​wiki:​dokuwiki|DokuWiki documentation]].
 +  - Keep in mind that **all your contributions to this wiki are released under the [[http://​creativecommons.org/​licenses/​by-nc-sa/​3.0/​|Creative Commons 3.0 (by-nc-sa)]] license**.
 +If you want to **be informed** of new pages and other changes in the wiki, subscribe to our RSS feed:
 +  - Subscribe to the RSS feed at [[http://​wordspace.collocations.de/​feed.php|http://​wordspace.collocations.de/​feed.php]] to keep an eye on what's going on.
 +===== Wiki administration =====
 +Monobook page elements:
 +  * [[:​wiki:​site_notice|side-wide notice]] (shown at top of pages, needs to be enabled in monobook config)
 +  * [[:​wiki:​navigation|navigation block]] (on left-hand side)
 +  * [[:​wiki:​toolbox|toolbox]] (on left-hand side, below navigation and search; disable default toolbox in monobook config first)
 +  * optional [[:​wiki:​copyright|copyright notice]] (disable default copyright in monobook config first)