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-====== Lexical Semantics Workshop (ESSLLI 2008)  ====== 
-[[start|Start page]] -- 
-[[background|Background]] -- 
-[[proceedings|Programme and proceedings]] -- 
-**Shared tasks** -- 
-[[cfp|Call for papers]] 
-===== Shared tasks and data sets ===== 
-In order to reach a better understanding of the possibilities and limitations 
-of distributional models of word meaning, we envisaged a number of tasks that 
-focus on linguistic and cognitive challenges rather than application engineering. 
-Small annotated data sets are available on the workshop page and participants are invited 
-to apply their computational models and conduct a thorough analysis of the results. 
-The goal is not to achieve better precision than competitors, but to understand 
-the strengths and weaknesses of individual models, analyze and explain errors, etc. 
-Theoretical discussions of the data sets from a linguistic or cognitive perspective 
-are also invited and will complement the empirical findings. 
-We offer the following tasks (click on the links for detailed task descriptions and downloads): 
-  * **categorization** 
-    * [[data:esslli2008:Concrete Nouns Categorization|concrete nouns categorization]] 
-    * [[data:esslli2008:Abstract/Concrete Nouns Discrimination|abstract/concrete nouns discrimination]] 
-    * [[data:esslli2008:Verb Categorization|verb categorization]] 
-  * **modelling free association** 
-    * [[data:esslli2008:Correlation with Free Association Norms|correlation with free association norms]] 
-  * **generation of salient properties of concepts** 
-    * [[data:esslli2008:Comparison with Speaker-Generated Features|comparison with speaker-generated features]]