• Easy installation (around 15 reading the manual)
  • The authors suggest that the software can deal with huge corpora quickly.
  • Hidex is intended to produce Hal models introduced by Curt Burgess in 1996.
  • The software is extremely new (it is in the version 0.03) so it is hard to know if it works adequately.
  • I have not tested the software yet.


  • Check whether you have the right c++ compiler
    g++ -v

    You should have version 4.2 or higher

  • Download the tar file and untar it in the desired location
    tar xzf hidex.[version].tgz
  • Go to the directory and compile the program
    make index

    You should now change a line in the file Makefile, in particular you would like to change the variable BINDIR. It should looke like:

  • Now run in the terminal:
    sudo make install

    By now you should be done.