Within the IKW network, there is a local installation of gensim (which in turn depends on Numpy >= 1.4 (current version on IKW machines is 1.3) and Pyro >=4.1), residing in


to use it, change into this directory and run

source bin/activate

This loads the libraries installed locally in this directory and starts the python interpreter. To stop using the virtual environment, simpy run


In theory, you can copy the entire gensim_local folder to your machine and run it from there, however I won't guarantee that this works in practice. However, it is easy to create such a local environment yourself:

# Skip this step if you already have virtualenv
easy_install virtualenv
# If you don't have sudo rights, install virtualenv locally:
# mkdir ~/opt
# easy_install --instal-dir opt virtualenv
# Create a clean virtual environment
virtualenv --no-site-packages myVirtualEnv
# And activate it
cd myVirtualEnv
source bin/activate
# Now, using pip, install the other stuff
bin/pip install numpy
bin/pip install gensim[distributed]
bin/pip install Pyro4